Friday, January 10, 2014

Spring Has Sprung-NOT!

OK, so that's not really true.  It's still winter and we've got a few more months until Spring is really here.  But THIS came today, so now I have Spring Fever!
Yes, I'm dreaming of my beautiful garden, filled with delicious & healthy veggies, fruits, & herbs.  I've got a lot of work to do. 
 Picture Source: Imgur
My plan is to convert 1/3 of my backyard to food production.  This year, I'll be establishing my basic raised beds.  I'm going for sometime like the picture above.  I love how neat & tidy it looks.  I've got several to build and fill but I'm up to the task.  Oklahoma soil isn't the greatest so raised beds are the best option.  Besides, they are beautiful to look at and help retain more moisture.  And believe me, in the middle of summer when the temps stay at 100+ for weeks on end, moisture retention is pretty darn important. 

There will be two herb garden boxes.  One will be culinary and the other medicinal. I plan on taking out some decorative tress that never have been very decorative and replacing them with fruit trees.  I have four spots so two will be fig tress.  I love figs so they are a must.  I haven't quite decided what the other two spots will be yet.  There will also be a spot for strawberries and I'm looking at planting blueberries.  This may wait until next year.
I'll be trying my hand a seasonal rotation and I want to build a couple cold frames to extend my garden as long as possible.  This looks exactly like what I have in mind.  I have an ideal South facing brick wall so this is perfect. Our early winters are pretty mild most years so I think I'll have some luck with cold-hearty plants like kale and Swiss chard.
 And of course, there will be a place for zinnias.  They are just too perky to not plant!  They add a needed splash of color to an otherwise all green palate.  Beautiful!

So there you have it.  My garden plan for this year. 

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